Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pillow Fight!

Posted by Marilee

I recently changed the fabric on the chair in my guest bedroom (link here).
Here's a quick picture to refresh your memory. 

I loved it so much it got me on a roll to do more fun, bright colors in the guest bedroom.  I decided I could throw something together for free since I had enough left over fabric from re-upholstering the chair.

I enjoy the colors and would like to add a pillow to this chair too, but for now, some guest towels work fine.  I had a tiny piece of fabric left over and we talked about recovering a small pillow on the bed.  Well, today I did just did that and it took me a half hour.

This is what the pillow looked like before.  A cute pillow bought on Ebay years ago, but my style is changing now and it needed to go.  I thought that when I took it apart, I would find a pillow form, but no luck, it was only batting.  So I decided to keep the old pillow together like this:

I then made my "pillowcase" and stuffed the old pillow inside like this:

Once I had the pillow covered, I stitched it up, like above

I added a little piece of trim - done!

It now matches the chair pad that we recovered.


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