Thursday, October 20, 2011


Post by Sarah and Marilee..

We've been busy!

I introduced my mom to this super neat idea I had about creating some depth and color and over-all awesomeness to the bookshelf in her bedroom.  I know it's been done by others before me but I had already winged it on a piece of my furniture and succeeded so I was excited to do it for my mom as well.

Here's my piece of furniture I fancied up a few months back:

It's fabric.  And was super simple!
And now to do the same treatment on my mom's bookshelves.

This is what the shelves in my bedroom looked like before we made our changes.   In this previous post you can see that Sarah and I went and bought some fabric to put behind the shelves.  The bed is covered with an old sheet because of the dog, Katie.  She loves to sleep up there.  I have a quilt on the bed that I made but goes with NOTHING in that room.. I hope to change that in the future.

The Before:
(on my side of the bed..)

The Before:
(on Steve's side of the bed..)

We took all the items off the shelf and took the shelves down.  They were supported with hooks, for adjustable shelves.

Okay, we are ready to get started.

Sarah starts by making sure that the fabric is straight and then she sprays some adhesive on the wall (a small area) and then uses the credit card to smooth out wrinkles.  Kinda like hanging wallpaper, but much easier, faster, cheaper.  You gotta love that part, right?

Once she had all the adhesive down, she used Mod Podge over the top at all the edges (just to ensure adhesion) and we let all of this dry.

After it was dry, Sarah came back and trimmed off the excess material with a razor knife and we put the shelves back up.

Doesn't this look terrific?  I highly recommend right out and try this project, you will so looovvvveee the results!!!! 

The Mod Podge helped to "stiffen" up and strongly secure the edges so that Sarah would have a straight and crisp finished cut.

Sarah also re-arranged and decorated all the items that came back onto the shelves.  This was a great project,  Sarah did all of it!!  I ran around and watched, gotta love that too!  THANK YOU SARAH  for this terrific gift and it will always be more special since she did it for me .... love that gal!

After moving things around and "shopping the house", this is what Sarah had left for me.

Has anyone else done a similar project? 
Anyone have any bedding recommendations?
Please Share!

Sarah & Marilee

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