Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Living the Dream

Post by Sarah

Well, sort of....

Remember how I just went to Disneyland and the Zoo?  Well, we also just went to Sea World. A little background on me and Cody.. we are theme park fanatics.  And I thought I'd share some pictures.  :)

We went with the Davis Family (Cody's family).

Cody with his sister, Jen:

Cody's parents, Keith and Janet.  And Cody's nephew, Ryan:

Cody along with all of the kids.. playing!

Cody's niece, Raelynne:
with a fake turtle.  :)

And Cody with his niece, Morgan:

 And here's the whole Fam Damnily:

I hope you enjoyed!  It was a really good time.  Has anyone else made it out to SeaWorld lately?


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