Monday, October 10, 2011

Garden Update

Posted by Marilee

A while back I showed you what the garden looked like when I first started. I admit that I am a novice, but I completely underestimated the amount of ground the plants would cover.  Here is an update of what it looks like now:

My very first tomato!!!!

The First Cucumber!

The First Beans!

The Watermelon

This baby is huge and has spread out in all 4 directions and is spreading across the patio...though, we don't see any watermelon growing.. yet!  We have had 2 jalapeno peppers and 1 strawberry that we cut in three tiny pieces to share.  Sarah missed out on it...

All my vegetables are rapidly out-growing my little planter.  I plan on moving some things around so that I can expand the garden.  On a side note: though, I am a very amateur gardener and poorly executed my planter box..  look at my green thumb!  I'm pretty pleased all the plants are so happy and producing such tasty food!

Anyone else have a green thumb and garden tips they'd like to share? 


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