Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Post by Marilee 

In an effort to clean up and add much need cabinetry.. we've been pretty busy in the garage.
But, I wanted to share a quick "Whoops!" story with you..

Steve was busy working away and he attempted to take down a countertop that was mounted to the ceiling and was carrying spare wood pieces on top.  BY HIMSELF!  And this was the result:

Several lucky things happened here.

One most lucky thing is that is not my car that this fell on!!!!!!!
This is his car - a 66' jeep.  I would like to believe that the jeep took the damage way way better then a new car, as I think they were built a lot sturdier back then.

I don't have a photo of all the wood that was on top of that piece of counter-top (it went everywhere!); nor, do I have a photo of the huge cut Steve got on his leg and ankle when a 6 ft piece of oak hit him.  HE WOULD NOT LET ME TAKE A PHOTO.

I was a good wife and didn't insist..  BUT I wanted too!


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