Friday, September 30, 2011

Decorating on a Budget

Post by Sarah:

So I think it's a common goal of everyone's to buy everything at the lowest possible price.. and I'm here to share a few tips on coupon-ing for your home.

Every store has a e-mail news letter and every store would love to spam the crap out of you send you coupons and special deals.  So, if you have a handful of favorites this is one way to take advantage of special deals.  I also have a favorite coupon site that I check in on daily -

That's pretty much the extent of how I coupon.  I work a full-time job; and like most, only have so much time.  I heavily depend on the money saving mom blog to tell me what's up.  :)

 Here's a prime example of how I integrate coupon-ing into home decorating:

I received a $10 off when you spend $30 and a 15% everything from Kohls in the mail.  I wasn't too extremely excited for them, but I held onto them in-case.  
Note: I would recommend always hanging onto coupons no matter what.

Don't get me wrong.  These are good coupons, but I really didn't need to go spend $30 $20 dollars.  

But lo-and-behold.. the next week I got a $10 off anything at Kohls in the mail.  These are my favs!  I ran down to Kohls in an attempt to spend exactly $10 and walk away with something free.

Long story short - I got too excited and wanted too many things.  

All things I needed.. so it was ok.  I hit my $30 total with a new kitchen rug, some clearance bowls, and a kitchen towel.  My ending transaction amount was $8.16.  And of course good ol' Kohls let me know that I saved $59.39 through the use of all my coupons, clearance picks, and sale items. 


Here's my new rug!  Previously, I had nothing and it was killing my feet! 

And my new bowls-left (on clearance) versus my chipped old ones I wanted to replace-right.

And my happy kitchen - rug, bowls, towel and all.

And a quick side note:
Had I not found anything I wanted for myself at Kohls.. I still would've found a generic cute gift (for under $10 so that I could still get it for free) and saved it for Christmas. 

PS. It is definitely time to start saving/buying for Christmas.  Though I have no idea what most people will want.. if the price is right and I know it will be liked then I"ll grab it and save it.  

Hope this helps!  Please share your thoughts on decorating on a budget.  Or coupon sites you love to stalk!

<3 Sarah

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