Monday, September 5, 2011

Spread Em'

Hey All,

Sarah here with some bedroom updates..


So, I've been secretly stalking this bedspread that I've found at JC Penny.  You know, watching prices and waiting to pull the trigger on buying this thing.  When who buys it?!?!  My mom!  She knew nothing about my love affair with it and was randomly buying it for her own bedroom.  Great minds think alike?!?!  Long story short - she didn't like it.  Or pretended she didn't like it to make me happy.   

So I stole it.

Here she is: 

 It's the Linden Street Wellington Comforter Set.  Reversible, but I prefer the flower side.

 Cody and I were actually gifted the ginormous Cal-King bed from Cody's parents.  And we LOVE it!  There have been several discussions about it being our most favorite thing we own.

 This outrageously large bed in an awkwardly shaped and small room makes for some odd camera shots.  And yes, you can practically brush your teeth from the bed.

 The bed is actually sitting on the floor.  Yes, it's that BIG. 

There are still several changes and updates I'd still like to do..  but my severe lack of space keeps a lot of my bedroom fantasies bedroom upgrades impossible.  

I have visions of new nightstands, upholstered headboards, rugs, and art.
Someday....  :)

And now the final before and after shot:


Besides the addition of the beautiful bedspread..
I also fixed my wonky drapes and added a few accessories.

Anyone else have large thoughts but a small bedroom?

<3 Sarah


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