Sunday, November 6, 2011

Furniture Steve Made

Post, Marilee Made.

Lets take a moment and look at some furniture that my husband, Steve has made.  We've also created a quick page link for you to reference here.

Steve has no formal training in carpentry, he just does it well.  He has quite a collection of tools and I think this is what makes most of the difference.  Someone can bring him an idea or picture and he is off and running.  Take a look at some of the things he has made in the past.  I am always on the lookout for new furniture for him to make to replace something old and outdated or possibly just because I really want something.

In the future I will be showing you some ideas of new furniture that I would like to have and you'll be able to see the before and the after.  Steve will also be building a patio cover (no plans) at his daughter's house and we will post pictures of that along the way as well.  Enjoy! 

This is my kitchen island and hey!  I left the butter knife out after making my toast this morning.  Just keeping it real, folks!  The legs were from EBAY for about 60.00 dollars and we added a piece at the bottom of each leg to give it the height that we needed.  Then Steve just went from there with the butcher block top, drawer for cookies and chips, and a bottom shelf for "things".

This is the buffet in my dining room.  We have a soffit/niche that has housed 3 different hutches and buffets.  I finally asked Steve to build a custom one to fit exactly in my space and I love it!  The concept was pieced together by several buffet pictures I'd found over the years.  Steve was able to take a little from each picture to create this.

We eat 95% of our meals on this table (that's good thing about Southern California weather) that Steve also made. We had a sort of trellis over our Entry in our front yard and after being up for 30 plus years, they became rotten and had some termite damage.  The structure of the house did not need them and we didn't loose any architectural details by removing them so we took them down and made this table for the patio. 

I hope you enjoyed some of the background on my most special furniture pieces.  Please check that page often as I get around to documenting more of Steve's work!


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