Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Art Re-do

Post by Sarah

So in preparation of Thanksgiving I've been running around like a chicken turkey with it's head cut off.  Cody and I spend every Thanksgiving at his parents house along with 35+ other family members.  No joke!  Cody has a huge family!  Because our house is within 5 miles to theirs we get 4 to 6 people crashing at our place each year.  So while I've been running around cleaning.. I've also re-arranged some artwork.

Our guestroom/ office has always been a bit of a struggle for me.  Cody has a lot of Roller Coaster art that I'd always let him hang in that room.


I really hate the flags.  And I've been living with them for a very long time.  So I finally decided it was time for them to go.  Sorry Cody!  And yes, un-made bed because I was in the process of washing all the sheets.. I told you - crazy chicken turkey.

I had kept that old thrift store frame that I had switched out here.

And decided to throw a quick coat of white paint on it:

And I re-hung everything in a gallery type assortment that I much more prefer.

The large one is a Roller Coaster blueprint.  I sort of like it and decided it could stay.  Bottom right is a Van Gogh thrift store find.  I painted the frame with wood stain and was left with this more beautiful wood tone.  Top right is the frame I had just painted white and stuck some art I had on hand in.

Hooray!  Clean Sheets! Total project cost was zero dollars.  All frames, paint, and art I already had on hand. Now to slowly switch out those amps with an antique dresser.  Do you think Cody will notice??


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