Monday, August 29, 2011

Ready, Start, Blog!

Exciting News!

My Mom and I have started a blog!

Interior decorating has always been a common passion between the two of us and throughout the years it has gotten pretty out-of-control.  So, it's time to document our adventures.  Share our ideas.  And gain knowledge from your helpful tips. 

But... this isn't just a blog about interior decorating.  It's a blog about passions.  Re-create our crafts, bake our goodies, and more!  Get a new perspective on life from a 50-something homeowner AND a 20-something renter.  We've got completely different styles and thoughts that come together and somehow compliment each other.

Hi, I'm Sarah:
I like reading blogs, magazines, and books.  I like watching HGTV.  I like the challenge of seeing a picture of something and re-creating it.  I live in southern california.. and it's EXPENSIVE.  So, I rent.

I hate renting, but cannot afford to own.  I hate cooking.. you will recieve little to no advise or recipes from me.  But, maybe that will change - I like to think that creating this blog and recording my thoughts will strengthen my limitations.

Meet Katie:
She's my mom's dog.  And I would steal her in .005 seconds flat!  She is world's greatest.. and definitely has a spot on this blog.

And now I'll pass it over to my mom....

Welcome to our sweet little blog.  I am the Mom part of the duo - Marilee

You have met my wonderful daughter Sarah and heard about her and her apartment.  It is really cute and she has done some fun things on that limited-you-cant-because-you-rent liability and on a budget.  Speaking of budgets, I am only working part-time now and so my decorating budget is also limited, but Sarah and I love to go to thrift stores and find things that we can "re-invent" and we get a lot of satisfaction from it.  Have you tried it???  I think once you try it, you are hooked.  We would love to see what you have created on a budget and share our "creative thoughts" with each other.

I love to try new recipes.  Some come from family and friends, but the most come from other blogs.  We will be sharing those as we go along and I would love to hear about your favorites!

I love to read books, will want to share that with you, too!

I love, love, love to look at magazines and have many ideas to share with you about gift giving, crafts, home re-do projects, etc.  I am sure that I will be adding new magazines to my list just so that I can share them with you.  Sarah is more contemporary and I am a bit more traditional, with some little twists thrown in, so I think we can offer a well rounded approach to everyone's taste, and you might show me something really new that I will love.

We are super excited to start this new adventure and together we will learn new things, share thoughts and experiences and make many new friends, which will be the best part.  So join Sarah and I and introduce yourself!!  We will promise to give each and everyone of you a BIG welcome.

So let's get started, shall we?????

Marilee & Sarah

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